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داکتر توریالی لودین For: شفاخانه آریانا طبی کمپلکس

Ariana Medical Complex hospital is really good and have great services. It's better than most hospitals in the city of Kabu...

داکتر عبیدالله حقیار For: شفاخانه آریانا طبی کمپلکس

Ariana Medical Complex is one of the best and standardized hospitals throughout Afghanistan. Thank you from the founders of...

شفاخانه جمهوریت واقع کابل For: داکترستان

Doctoristan is the best place to find address of all medical entities and healthcare providers in Afghanistan. I am really...

داکتر احمد حامد پیمان For: داکترستان

Doctoristan team has gathered and published my all information and contact details, since then hundreds of visitors have re...